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Originally Posted by robert_columbia View Post
And newspaper notices were once used in small towns for general gossip purposes. I have uncovered small-town newspaper postings about some of my own ancestors in the late 1800's. I can tell that in such and such a month great great great grandma wasn't feeling well, please send cakes and get-well cards and that Mayor Smith's little sister is in town, having traveled all the way from Ohio and is staying at the mayoral residence, tea is at 5. Huge amounts of personal details for anyone and everyone to read, and now these records are being archived and may be online soon (as opposed to just microfilm) for everyone in the world to read.
I just went thru a few years of a small town paper looking up family references in the local doings column. Trips out of town, visitors, school events, etc. Of course going in or out of the hospital. No HIPAA in a small town back then. Lots of legal notices about (other) people owing money. A lot.

I copied all I could find and sent them to my sister who was thrilled by it.

In another locale, my aunt was for years the local new columnist for her area. So all our family visits and such were documented. She'd clip out the items and send them to me so I have a stack of those.

Big city papers might have a lot more subscribers if they did this. Of course, each paper would weigh a hundred pounds, but at least they'd have eyes for advertisers.