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Can't agree with the 'Shawn hasn't danced all season' claim. Sure, she and Derek throw in a gymnastics move here and there, but those only comprise a few seconds out of a dance lasting a minute or two. There's a reason Shawn's been at the top of the judges' leaderboard all season and it isn't because of her gymnastics moves. Her posture during the dances, her footwork, her arm placement, her timing and synchronization with Derek, etc. are always spot on. All the things the judges tell other contestants they need to work on are never an issue with Shawn. The judges themselves talk about how her movements are perfect "every. single. time." I may be wrong but I get the feeling she's the only contestant who could keep up with and match routines where the pro wasn't holding anything back. And all this from a kid who hasn't danced a lick since she was on the show four years ago and who had no dance training at all prior to that.

I hadn't thought much about Shawn the first few weeks but she really caught my attention with that quickstep and I've increasingly been a fan ever since.
Melissa has been gaining on her though by virtue of her dancing ability, personality and that killer smile, but after learning that she has a ballet background I'm more firmly back in Shawn's camp.

Kelly's okay. She's come a long way and done a few dances that I thought were beautiful. I'd probably be more of a fan if she were more animated and had more of a personality.

Still, all three are good dancers and I think that this is the first time I'll be fairly content with the result no matter who wins. My preference is Shawn but I think they're all deserving in their own way.