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Melissa's TV Guide comment really applies to all the All Stars. The partnership is such a key and often overlooked element on dwts. For example I thought the early rehearsal footage of Drew and Anna was off. There was tension in that partnership. Then week 1 it was apparent that Anna and Drew weren't meshing as a partnership. I don't know if they were actually arguing yet. But the support for each other, mutual respect, and collaborative process just wasn't happening.

There were reports that Joey was goofing off, cracking jokes with the cast and just not taking it seriously. There are many reasons why some of the former champions got eliminated early. But the partnership is really key. I thought Emmitt and Cheryl did a good job recreating their partnership. It took them much further in All Stars than I expected. Emmitt did really well for someone that isn't a natural dancer. I thought Emmitt matched his prior season's performance but never could improve on it.

The three couples that made the finals all had improved significantly over their original seasons. We know now that the win was up for grabs. It was a very competitive ending and in that sense All Stars was a success.

We had a great relationship in Season 8, but something different happened this season and neither of us really know what it was. He was more patient with me; I was more patient with him. I was more willing to learn; he was more willing to be creative with choreography. It was like everything kind of came together and he pushed me to be so much better than I was in Season 8 and I think I pushed him to do the same.