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Is Windows 10 Undergoing Changes in Fall 2019?

Is Windows 10 losing support and/or is there a Microsoft Windows push coming to update Windows 10 in the Fall 2019? I believe I have (Windows 10 Home). I have the following questions:

a) Presently, I am seeing pop-up messages encouraging me to click to accept something (some update and/or security push). I am not sure what I am accepting exactly. The pop-up claims I have until Nov 2019. Is this legit?

b) If I do nothing, assuming this push is legit, will this push be pushed down on me AUTOMATICALLY at some point? (In the past, this has killed my PC so I am hesitatant to accept.)

3) If I do nothing, I recognize I may not receive the latest security pushes to reduce/remove vulnerabilities. But, will Norton AntiVirus still be able to protect me?

4) What else should I know about this upcoming push if I accept it? ....don't accept it?

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