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Originally Posted by MartinLane View Post
The ATF form 1 has to be approved prior to making any parts. Silencer parts are by themselves silencers in the eyes of the law.

Fill out the application including the description of the firearm (silencer), the length, caliber, model name/number (you make one up), serial number (also one you make up) then send it in along with your $200 check, photos and other documentation required.

When it comes back with the canceled tax stamp attached, make and engrave your parts.
Owning the parts (even unassembled) without the tax stamp and form is considered "Constructive Posession" and is illegal, illogical, yes, but also illegal

the other way of legally "suppressing" a gun is to increase the barrel length, the longer the barrel, the quieter the gun...

I have a CZ 452 Ultra Lux .22LR bolt action rifle, it has a 28.5" barrel, using CCI Subsonic rounds, I can get away with no hearing protection, Remington CBee low velocity rounds are quieter than an airgun, CCI Quiet rounds are similarly quiet, but a little more prone to getting stuck at the end of the barrel (both quiet rounds contain .7 and .5 grains of propellant respectively, typical rounds have around 1.2 grains of propellant)

Shoot the same CCI Subsonics in my Ruger 10/22 or Marlin Model 25 rifles and the muzzle report is easily twice as loud, both the Ruger and Marlin have 18" barrels, compared to the CZ's 28.5"
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