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On the Rush song "Spirit of Radio," there is a couplet at the end, set apart from the rest of the song. I always knew these two lines were a take-off of "The Sound of Silence"* lines:

And the words of the prophet were written on the subway walls, and tenant halls/
whispered in the sound of silence" (a previous line had used the word "echoed")

So I get partial credit for making that conenction. But the first 1,000 times or so I heard the Rush song I heard the lyrics as:

"For the words of the profits were written on the stadium wall, and concert hall/
And echoes with the sound of salesmen."

It wasn't until I heard a Rush tribute band sing the song live that I discovered the word was "studio", not "stadium". Which in the context of the song makes more sense.

And yes, I got that Rush changed "prophets" to "profits".

*Also known as "Sounds of Silence" but I prefer the singular version and apparently either is correct.