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I don't know how obvious it is to everyone else but in Aliens, it seems very clear to me now that Bishop sold Ripley and co. out. He lies right to her face and no one catches him on it. He tells Ripley and the surviving marines that flight time for the second drop ship will be 40 minutes. Now hold on a minute there Mr. Bishop. That's the express elevator to hell you're talking about. We watched the flight in real time when it was done with a load of squishy marines and a human pilot and from start to finish it took FOUR minutes, not forty. So Bishop had control of that drop ship for a lot longer than he let on. Check his expression when the survivors show up at the landing field early because of Newt's shortcut. "Oops, you're not supposed to be here yet!" So that's how the eggs got on board in Alien 3. Bishop ferried them there. That's probably also why the Queen ripped him in half- she recognized him as the egg thief!

There was also a really good, really subtle one in Angel. In Season 2, Angel is able to get ahold of a special ring that the Senior Partners use to travel between their dimension and Earth. Angel puts the ring on and gets on a different express elevator to Hell, where he is greeted by old Wolfram and Hart buddy Holland Manners. And everything Holland says to him is complete bullshit. It was the best victory they ever scored against Angel and they never get any credit for it.

Basically, Holland tells Angel that there is no way to get to the Senior partners; the home office is on Earth. Angel never notices Holland very smoothly changing the subject. Angel ends up demoralized because he knows he can never defeat the negativity and evil in all human beings so he gives up on trying to get to the Senior Partners! Sure the home office is on Earth. But the Senior Partners aren't! And even after Angel does some dimensional traveling (including to a jail run by the Senior Partners!) he gives up on trying to take them on in their home turf. But he was almost there. There's a visual in the episode that shows the elevator dropping into an open space and then back into the elevator shaft. That ties in with Lindsay bitching at Darla in the next episode about the ring which everyone spent so much time disenchanting. So it's clearly shown in the episode that Angel was well on his way but got distracted by a bullshit story and didn't realize his elevator could be diverted from the outside!