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Originally Posted by FourDeer View Post
Nobody: Your wife is correct about “Bones” < “Sawbones”; that’s straight from Roddenberry. And no, I can’t give a proper cite; it’s just something I remember from a TV Guide interview from a hundred years ago or so.

Eleanorigby: In your defense, the “Diagon Alley” thing works better in a British accent. Yanks say “die-YAG-gunnully”; Brits say, approximately, “DIE-a-GONN-elly”. If you had grown up saying DIE-a-GONN-elly instead of die-YAG-gunnully, I am sure you would have gotten Diagon Alley right away.

(Unless you are, in fact, British. In which case, oopsie!)

Panache45: Someone DID mention the FedEx arrow. Roadfood, post # 78, page 2, about halfway down.
That is not how British people pronounce diagonally. Where did you get that idea?