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Originally Posted by jefahrbach View Post
I agree. It was just too obvious that all she did was look at Latin translations of words and at mythology to name characters, places, and spells. It often disappointed me how easily decipherable they were.

I liked the books, but there really wasn't much mystery to all of this even the first time I read them. I hope that with this extensive response to the Harry Potter thread on this post, this one can be laid to rest, unlike the Audi, Rosemary's Baby, and "Brown-Eyed Girl" threads. If anyone is more interested, I recommend looking at "The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter" by David Colbert.
Sigh. You do realize the books are written for children, right? I know they've been around a while, and maybe you grew up with them, but they were not written for Latin scholars. And remember, she was a beginning author when she wrote the first amateur. And magic doesn't exist, so each author can make up their own rules on how it works.

Okay...rant over. I'm really enjoying this thread. But it has convinced me of one thing...the way some people can misinterpret something when they hear it wrong, and never question their firmly-held belief. h, and that my mother was right...rock and rollers mumble too much, and no one can understand what they are saying.

Carry on.....