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* * * [Mystery]
Recent Mystery Books
Good Japanese Suspense/Mystery Books
Research Books for Mystery Writers
Recommend Me a Good Mystery Book
Cat Mystery Novels
Historical Mystery Novels Anyone?
Reccomend a Mystery, Fantasy, or Other Fiction Book for Me, Please!
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Good *modern* locked room/impossible crime novels?
Your nominations, please, for the greatest mystery writer of all time
Show Biz Mystery Series
Recommend a mystery for me (but not The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Suspense/thriller book rec for English students - Lovely Bones?
* * * [Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comics/Etc]
Classic Sci-Fi Comic Books
Recommend me books on the comic book industry/history.
Recommend me new comic book TPBs
Good Non Fiction UFO Books
SF/Fantasy Book Recommendations: Lost Civilizations
Suggest some awesome science fiction books
Ten S-F Books for Complete Beginners...
Recommend some dragon-themed fantasy books for my daughter
Which epic fantasy saga to read next?
Best utopian books?
Good parallel universe stories
Anyone know any books/stories with a griffin in it?
* * * [Children's]
Atheist/agnostic children's books? (besides Golden Compass series)
Recommend some good books for a budding young skeptic
Children's books in 1st person POV?
Recommend kids books with strong female character, please.
Recommend Books for a Four Year Old
Please recommend chapter books for 5 year olds
Comic books for a 7 year old - what would you recommend?
What are some good books for 7-8 year old girls?
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Good books for an 8th grader?
Recommend books for 10th grade boys who don't like to read
Recommend Books for 16-year-old boy
Good books for teen-agers
Book suggestions for teen needed
Recommend me some children's classics for summer out loud reading
* * * [Location - US]
Recommend Novels Set in New Orleans
What's the best New Orleans based literature/movies?
What's a good book on the history of Chicago?
* * * [Location - London/England]
More books about the London Blitz?
Need novels set in London to read before my visit
Let's catalog all the books set in London, shall we?
Recommend some historical fiction set in Britian, please
Recommend books on the history of Great Britain
Looking for good books about English "pub walks"
Good books about domestic life in Britain during & after WWII?
* * * [Audio/Kindle]
Recommend Me Some Free Kindle Books
Tales from the Public Domain (best books on Project Gutenberg)
Recommend books on CD
Recommend audiobook
Suggest Some Audio Books
Listened to Any Good Books Lately