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* * * Novels
Mystery, Detective, Political
Who likes good spy novels? Let's share recommendations (aka I need a new book)
Obscure novels--mystery division
What is the quintessential Detective Novel?
Help me find good detective/mystery novels
Historical detective novels
Looking for thriller novels
Political Thrillers (novels)
Novels with presidents as characters
Alternative historical novels postulating dictatorship in the USA
Suggested anti-war novels?
Graphic Novels
Really Fabulous Graphic Novels
What classics do you like as graphic novels?
Good Graphic Novels
Which Batman Comics/Graphic Novels Should I read?
Are there romance novels for gay and lesbian audiences?
"Oh, Mary! Know Any Early Gay Novels?"
Needed: some really filthy romance novels
Best Romance novels
Sci-Fi, etc
Any 'realistic' sci-fi novels depicting what might happen if human-like AI were created?
Science Fiction Novels -- recommendations, please!
What is the quintessential science fiction novel?
Recommend some time travel novels (potential spoilers)
Please recommend dystopian novels
Alternative History Novels
Recommend me some good "end of the world" novels
Astronomy mystery novels
Recommend some good cyberpunk novels?
Steampunk Novel titles Requested
Star Trek Novels
Are any of the Star Wars novels any good?
"Idea" Novels** (**A sci-fi novel in which the plot, characters, and setting are all secondary to the idea of the book)
Time Period
Good novels set in biblical times
Novels set during 60BC-400AD
Novels set in New Testament Palestine?
Historical Novels (&etc) from the time of King Ethelwulf, Alfred, other pre-Normans
Need ideas for easy read novels set in London
Novels set in 16th Century Japan?
Novels set in Germany, originally written in English, not about WWII or Cold War??
Good historical novels set in Viking times
Fantasy novels with an Asian setting or Asian theme
Novels about Ancient Rome
Are there any good fantasy novels set in the USA?
Fantasy novels featuring siblings
Young Adult Fantasy Novels
Non-Twilighty Vampire Novels for YA recommendations requested
Recommend some "Orcs with machine guns" novels
Christmas Horror Novels?
Any humorous horror novels out there?
Recommend good horror novels...
Book Type
First-person novels/stories where the narrator dies (spoilers)
Novels whose stories take place within one day
Stories or novels written in unusual tenses/perspectives
Novels by Famous Non-Writers
Famous novels supposedly written in a few days
Favorites, etc
What a Novel Thread (Your Five Fave Novels)
What are the 5 best novels you've ever read?
The Twentieth Century - Best Novels (First Cut)
Classic novels that have aged well
What contemporary novels would you like to learn about?
Novels with "reformed" demons?
Novels Originally in Italian, Translated in English
Samurai Novels
Novels in academic settings?

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