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The problem with fox news is twofold from what I see

1. They pretend to be unbiased, and their audience seems to sincerely believe it. I watch a lot of Rachel Maddow, but I am aware she is biased. If she told me 'I'm fair and balanced' I'd laugh. Fox news viewers take that crap seriously about fox offering balanced coverage. Fox also feeds into the paranoid ideation that all media outlets (except fox and talk radio) have a liberal bias. It creates an insular world where it is easier and easier to make/keep people misinformed. People who vote and have loud opinions.

2. Fox news fills a desire by the authoritarian right to be grossly misinformed because they like the way the lies sound. They pretend to be a journalistic organization with integrity, but they constantly misinform their audiences (who are willing participants, to be fair).

If fox changes their slogan to 'feeding half truths to people who want to hear them' from 'fair and balanced' I don't think I'd care.