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I would not be surprised to discover that in cases of bank robberies, fires, or the local weather, Fox News is about as competent as their competition. So it is possible that one could stumble across their shows, from time to time, and not see the bias.

However, when anything resembling politics is presented, they are totally corrupt.

The frequent "accidental" mislabeling of corrupt Republicans as Democrats strikes me as awfully "convenient."

They deliberately manufactured the story of the "WTC Mosque" in order to whip up furor and fervor among their audience for political gain.

Even after President Bush was admitting that Iraq had no involvement with the WTC and Pentagon attacks, Fox was playing nonsense from Cheney along with enough innuendo that a majority of Fox viewers thought that Iraq had contributed to those attacks.

Recently, Fox News announced that unemployment was at 14.7% when it was only 7.8% in 2009. Of course, they failed to note that the 2009 figure was not using the same basis. The government publishes two separate unemployment figures each month, one lists the number of people who were unsuccessful in finding permanent employment in the previous month, which they used for the 2009 figure. The other number counts the of people who were unsuccessful finding permanent employment, plus those who have given up finding any work plus those who have accepted part-time employment. The second number was the one used for the 2012 figure. Had Fox used similar numbers, the rates would have been either 7.8% vs 8.1% or 14.2% vs 14.7%, still a negative trend, but not the nearly doubling that Fox claimed.

This sort of nonsense goes on persistently.

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