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Yeah, the tea party thing is a huge "credit" to Fox News. They almost singlehandedly helped create "the tea party"

You have to remember, than when that all started, it was just "Tea Party Protests", groups of people gathering to complain about taxes. That was it. There was no "Tea Party" in and of itself, no "tea party candidates" or anything like that. Now, of course we understand that the Tea Party is not an actual political party, but it did become a legitimate wing of the Republican party, with its own caucus in the senate and house. This is largely because of the reporting championing Fox News did.

There are literally video clips people have shown where the Fox News reporters actively encouraged cheering at these rallies, and such. It's despicable. Fox News really did help create the very ultra conservative faction of the republican party that we call the tea party now.

I agree that Shepard "WE DO NOT TORTURE" Smith (and to a somewhat lesser extent, Chris "we present the other side" Wallace and sometimes even Brit "mumbles solemnly and hilariousness" Hume) is the bright spot on the channel.

Add to all this that it is well documented that the RNC often shares its talking points with the anchors at Fox News, and all the pundits and such just echo the same BS that the republican party wants them to echo. I've never heard of anything like that happening at the other networks (mainly because MSNBC is probably even too left wing for the Democrats to want to fully embrace)

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