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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
Yes, something like that. I don't try to stay current with models, but that's an "R9" - a replica they say is based on their '59. It is, in many ways, based on a '59, but the '59 (or R9 in online lingo) is a model designation referring to materials and design features used. In the past, they also made R8's - still do, based on my quick check. R8's have a non-flamey "plaintop" and can have a bigger neck profile - and list for $2 grand less and you can find them on sale or used for ~$2,000 or less (yeah, R9's cost that much more for flame-bling and the '59 designation. Sigh.) A buddy got an R8 at the SJ GC for $1,800 a few years ago. Great guitar.
Thanks for clarifying, WordMan, as always. I'm surprised you could get an R8 at that price at GC. I should keep an eye out, although "bigger neck profile" isn't my territory. Does that mean a used R9 is +$2k from that $1800 R8? Yes, I can google etc, but just getting what you meant clear. Thanks.