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Originally Posted by FoieGrasIsEvil View Post
...having the President pose for a "see, I can shoot guns, ya'll" photo-op)...

...nor can Obama, despite his photo-op.
You say "photo-op" twice, yet the picture was taken last August well before the shit hit the fan, and the White House apparently had to go digging to find it. There was nothing "photo-op" about it.

But I can see how you'd object to Biden's statement. On the surface, it does look like he isn't holding out much hope for any new measures. I suspect he could have worded it better (good ol' Uncle Joe), but I haven't seen the context in which he said it, so I'm not going to rush to judgment on it.

I got a kick out of Marsha Blackburn's hissy fit, though. It looks like she's pissed that Obama can't be characterized anymore as a pansy-ass pussy who doesn't know anything about guns. She seems to think that if you don't advertise the fact that you shoot guns, you can't be a shooter, whereas I'd find it plausible if he, as an influential figure, didn't want to make a public display of shooting guns.

And this--"National Rifle Association spokesman Andrew Arulanandam reacted to the photo, telling CNN, "One picture does not erase a lifetime of supporting every gun ban and every gun control scheme imaginable."--is utter hyperbolic bullshit from a lying fucktard. Just another ignorant bozo caught with his pants around his ankles by assuming Obama knew nothing about guns just because he supports more gun control.