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Biden's comment is perhaps the most intelligent thing said by a Democrat about this issue in the last six weeks. You cannot create a utopia through making more and more things illegal. There were serial killers in the Soviet Union, for god's sake. No matter how many civil liberties you are willing to give up, perfect safety is impossible. People whose first reaction to every "bad thing" is "government need make bad thing go way" just don't understand this. It's not just about "yes, I'm willing to accept the occasional terrorist attack or school massacre as the cost of having a free society." It's about the reality that we don't even get to make the choice to begin with--you can have the most unfree society imaginable, ban all guns, shoot anyone who looks Muslim on sight (or stab them, I guess), whatever, and there will STILL be terrorist attacks and school massacres. You don't get to "trade liberty for safety," only trade liberty for nothing.