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Bidens statements are like a con man who reveals what he's doing is a con, but some people are still dumb enough to fall for it!

Originally Posted by Marley23 View Post
Feinstein was talking about a bill she would have passed had she been able (but wasn't) in 1995, and also hasn't passed since.
So? An elected official talking about something draconian is nothing to be concerned about?

Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
We need to be able to compromise to satisfy the Amendment and those who prefer no guns at all.
None of us should have to compromise any of our Constitutionally protected rights!

The answer to significantly reducing violent crime is to hammer those that perpetrate it. School/mall shootings are an extremely rare occurrence. The majority of violent crime takes place by repeat offenders that are continually put in and out of the system. Burglars, armed robbers, batterers, etc. rarely get sentenced to more than 10% of the maximum of what they could receive. The guy that shoots a gas station attendant this week would not have been able to had he still been locked up for the burglary he committed 2 years ago. The expense of keeping truly awful people locked up is dwarfed by the expense of our revolving door justice system and the carnage and human suffering such "people" cause while out on the street.

Adding new laws and encroachments on our liberties will have no effect. Even the Vice President of the United States of America agrees with me on this!