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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
The Kenyan truth will come out soon enough...

Wait I didn't mean it like that!

Originally Posted by Marley23 View Post
Just for the record: he has. Somehow it became a conservative talking point that he is ignoring this, but he mentioned it during the second presidential debate and he has talked about it in speeches with regard to gun registration.

Well that's good then. The gun violence in certain parts of Chicago has been ludicrously bad.

Originally Posted by pkbites View Post

The answer to significantly reducing violent crime is to hammer those that perpetrate it. School/mall shootings are an extremely rare occurrence. The majority of violent crime takes place by repeat offenders that are continually put in and out of the system. Burglars, armed robbers, batterers, etc. rarely get sentenced to more than 10% of the maximum of what they could receive. The guy that shoots a gas station attendant this week would not have been able to had he still been locked up for the burglary he committed 2 years ago. The expense of keeping truly awful people locked up is dwarfed by the expense of our revolving door justice system and the carnage and human suffering such "people" cause while out on the street.

Adding new laws and encroachments on our liberties will have no effect. Even the Vice President of the United States of America agrees with me on this!
I do agree that we should really bring the hammer down on people convicted of gun related crimes. Sentences should be served in full and should be extremely punitive.