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Originally Posted by Push You Down View Post
I find it strange that people are using the "Adnan seems too casual about this" as some kind of evidence of guilt.
Being a convicted killer in prison has been his everyday for yeeeears at this point. I'm sure his righteous indignation has faded.

The mystery of the current status of Jay has irked me since the beginning. You got to at least give a hint.
I posted Jay's whereabouts earlier in the thread if you care to reveal the spoiler.

As far as him being casual about the whole thing, it's less that he is too casual, and more than he is completely unengaged with the whole process or trying to remember "what happened". I get that it is hard to be really angry for 15 years. However, that doesn't mean you are reluctant to say someone framed you, or to say you unequivocally didn't do something.