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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
What reasonable doubts do you have regarding his guilt? I can see thinking Jay's story being suspect, but the basic framework is fairly unimpeachable IMO.
Again, I do think he more than likely did do it, or was at least critically involved with Jay and they did it together. I'd go with 75% sure that he did it, based on what has been discussed in the show so far. I have purposely not looked up any additional information about the case.

But, these are high school kids that managed to pull this off and there doesn't seem to be any forensic evidence linking them to this murder (unless we haven't heard about it yet). Intimate murder by strangling and there is nothing physical linking him to the crime. Nobody saw anything odd in that parking lot. These are not calculated killers no matter what happened, but stupid kids.

There doesn't seem to be a clear motive; he was a little creepy and possessive, but so was I and a lot of boys at that age. Not seeing why he did it.

And he is largely convicted because of Jay's story. Jay's story seems to have a lot of truth to it, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jay's story is also partially bullshit.

In all likelihood, he got very lucky with the physical evidence, and was more hurt by the breakup than he let on. But, I'm not sure I'd convict. I definitely want to hear more of, or from, Jay. Why did he decide to finger his friend after helping him along the way (if that is what really happened)? Did the host say that she attempted to talk to him or not? Can't remember. Also, based solely on what Jay admits that he did do for his friend, isn't he an accessory to murder?

Unless next weeks episode builds on the trend of showing the worst evidence for Adnan last, I'm still just strongly leaning guilty, as I have for most of the series, but not above reasonable doubt threshold.

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