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The teaser for next week has me very excited (re: Jay).

There's a meta podcast from Slate called The Serial Spoiler podcast where they discuss each episode and talk about how they'r feeling about the case as it progresses (much like this thread). They make a lot of good points about the difference between a story written to be a mystery and real life. How we're listening to it as a bit of a mystery and there are storytelling devices being used to help that - but at the same time it's actual reporting and it's constrained by the facts of the case.

For example they talk about how in a mystery story the author may put a red herring in to fool readers a bit, but in real life there aren't any red herrings. Things are either important or they're not - but she's using some of these non-important bits to help the story along.

I think the tell on whether or not something matters is whether or not she uses their real name. If the name is changed or not mentioned, you can assume it's not going to end up being very important.