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I was never really on board with the idea that getting a call from the police about Hae being missing would make that day important to him, and because of that he would somehow recall the rest of the day. I once got a phone call one evening informing me that my girlfriend was in the hospital in a possibly bad condition (it actually turned out to be nothing serious, so don't worry). Yeah, I remember that phone call. I also remember seeing her after I rushed to the hospital. However, that is literally everything I remember about that day. I guess I was probably at work. At this point, I'm not even sure what day of the week it was. If anything, an event like that might overshadow everything else and make the rest of the day seem like more of a blur. Of course, I was never accused later of poisoning her tea or anything, but if I had been, I might not have been very helpful in accounting for my whereabouts.
But, an added wrinkle is that in this case compared to your example, is that Adnan was being contacted about an ex girlfriend being missing. If I got a call from the cops about my ex girlfriend being missing, even if I have nothing to do with it, I would probably not only make sure to remember where I was all that day, I would write it all down to make sure that I had my timeline figured out just in case I'm a suspect at some point.

I guess you could claim that her going missing and the cops being involved didn't set off any alarms for him if he just thought she ran away from home?

But, yeah, despite the innocence project guys, I still think he did it in cahoots with Jay. This episode didn't really present anything concrete to change that.