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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
Jay got a sweetheart deal and the evidence that backs his story is circumstantial at best. Also, cops excluded evidence found at the scene. So it's not entirely clear to me why Jay's story was given the weight of credibility it got.

I guess we might learn more next episode when we hear more from Jay, or about Jay. Really not sure what will motivate him to talk with SK. He'd be smart just to keep his mouth shut for the rest of his life.
Circumstantial evidence doesn't mean bad or lesser evidence. DNA evidence is mostly circumstantial. Pretending such evidence is less damaging either means you don't understand what the word means, or you don't appreciate how real trials work.

Yes, Jay got a good deal, but that is what happens in many trials.

What "excluded" evidence are you referring to? Cops cannot exclude exculpatory evidence.