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Originally Posted by GrandWino View Post
On the Slate Spoiler podcast where they talk about Serial, they do worry that this entire thing will just end up being some kind of meditation on the nature of truth.
Maybe it'll be a meditation on the nature of bullshitting.

For instance, even if Adnan really is innocent, I still think he's bullshitting his way through the interviews. For instance, there's not a single bad word about Hae, or any hint from him that he was angry with her after the breakup. This could account for some of the strange answers he gives, like why he didn't try to call her after she disappeared. Let's say he's innocent, and the real answer is something like: "I was angry at her. She'd taken off without telling me, and I hated that. Besides, she was ticking me off in all sorts of other ways, too. I didn't want to talk to her. She could piss off for all I cared." Which might be understandable. But then he feels that he can't say that, because he has an idea in his head that expressing anger towards Hae will make him look guilty. So he gives a bullshit answer. And it's such an obvious bullshit answer that it backfires and just seems suspicious.

Well, or he killed her, obviously. Whatever.