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I think that most probably Adnan is innocent. Partly because of the numerous inconsistencies in Jay's accounts, but mostly because I don't find the guilty Adnan character plausible.

I think it's unlikely that a non violent person suddenly commits such a violent murder, I don't think there was a good motive for him, and most importantly I don't think that people who commit this type of crimes are rational and clever enough to keep talking for 30+ hours about the subject without making any mistakes.

Let's take where he talks about how the murder wouldn't be possible in the timeframe permitted. He sounds really confident about this, and surprised / disappointed when it turns out that it actually was. And it was him who brought up this specific point. But if he committed the murder, he would of course have known that it was possible.

So assuming he is committed the murder in that way, he is playing some complex, intelligent game bringing up things he knows won't actually help his case.

I think that this sort of calculating, intelligent psychopath murderer mostly exist in fiction and we shouldn't expect to encounter one in real life. Also, if he really is this insightful, I would think he could think of a smarter way to murder the girl than in broad daylight at a Best Buy.

But the problem is about figuring out an alternative story that is less implausible. Mainly the problem is in both explaining the murder itself, and that Jay would wrongfully accuse Adnan. In the podcast she briefly mentions thinking about alternative scenarios, and I hope she goes into this in a future episode.

Here are some scenarios I can conjure, but frankly they all seem unlikely to me:

1. Jay murdered Hae. Motive unknown. Perhaps a heated argument over some teenage love stuff, perhaps he was paid to. He starts by trying to claim innocence, but then shifts to trying to frame Anand, with the assistance of the investigators.

Problems: Motive for Jay. Plus this also requires Jay to be a highly skilled sociopath.

2. Some unrelated person murdered Hae. The police like Adnan as a suspect, perhaps with Jay as accomplice. During the unrecorded hours with Jay, they pressure him into testifying against Adnan, in return of letting some drug charges go and/or letting him get off the hook for the murder. Perhaps Jay at one point decided that it was easier for him to lie about it, and once he did he had to stick to it. The murderer could be Roy Sharonnie Davis, who killed another girl under similar circumstances, or Mr. S, which would explain how he found the body.

Problems: How did Jay know where the car was, and details about where the body was buried.

3. Some other person murdered Hae either together with Jay, or by assistance from Jay later. Perhaps many of the same things that Jay claimed happened actually happened (including the trip to the far away park that was later dropped from the story), just with this person instead of Adnan. Jay accuses Adnan for the same reasons described in (2).

Problems: Who is the murderer then? Did they plan to frame Adnan from the beginning? Otherwise the coincidences seem significant.