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I saw a post upthread about Jenny's Wedding.

It got me to remembering another film about a wedding. Muriel's Wedding (1994).

This is an Australian film and it would seem that most of the actors (and maybe even people behind the camera) were novices.

But this is one of the most enjoyable comedies I've ever seen and I can't recommend it highly enough.

IMDB rates this film at 7.2 which I think is a real travesty. IMHO, it deserves at least 7.8.

Some of the aspects of "novice actors" and "novice film makers" would seem to be rather apparent. But that is just my guess. It still is a film to be treasured by anyone who loves good films.

I treasure this film and I hope some of you will give it a try. It is a real treasure.

It was the first movie (I think) for Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths. Both of them went on to many other fine films and TV shows. They have always turned in wonderful performances and fully deserve (IMO) all the good things that have happened to them.

This film is were that all began. I love this film.

P.S. I just want to take this opportunity to say Hello to my old friend Burpo. It is so nice to see you again. I may be wrong about this, but it seems to me that you have been absent for a while. Perhaps I'm mistaken about that. If so, please excuse me. But I'll never forget how you helped me find some movies that no one else ever could (It Came from Beneath the Sea, for example) and I've been in awe of you ever since. Burpo, you should consider me to be a fan.

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