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An early attack on political correctness

In his column of April 7, 2010 (“Why a Town in Iowa [Davenport] Sought to Abolish Good Friday”) Dennis Prager gives the “institution” of political correctness the drubbing it deserves.

He noted that City administrator Craig Malin “sent a memo to municipal employees announcing that Good Friday would officially be known as ‘Spring Holiday.’
“Given the importance of Good Friday to Christians, when news of the recommendation became public, there was a national and local outcry, and the recommendation was rescinded.”
Prager followed this with several points, given as headings to sub-topics, printed in boldface:
1. There really is a war against Christianity. (I must point out, however, that religion is not the specific issue I am discussing here.) --d.m.)
2. Why not abolish Christmas?
3. Civil rights organizations are not about civil rights.
Prager followed this statement by saying that the ACLU “and other left-wing organizations” promote left-wing agendas.
4. Good Friday as an American holiday reminds Americans that this is a religious society.
5. Non-Christians offended by Good Friday as an American holiday are narcissists.

Prager added “As a Jew, permit me to say that any non-Christian offended by Good Friday or Christmas gives new meaning to the word “narcissist.”
6. As for the last heading, I will quote Prager in full, heading and all:
PC (political correctness) should be renamed OTL (offends the Left). "Most will characterize the attempt to rename Good Friday as political correctness. That it is. But the term itself is politically correct. Like everything PC, the term itself hides its true meaning, which is Leftism. Political correctness is invariably produced by the Left. The term, therefore, should not be 'PC'; it should be 'OTL.' It is very unfortunate it isn’t. Americans would have much greater clarity as to the Second Civil War now taking place—from San Francisco to Boston to, yes, Davenport, Iowa."

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