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As it just so happened, I took the trouble to finish compiling records earlier today. (No great effort, honestly...I've been working with spreadsheets for decades and I'm too stressed out from work to go shopping.)

As far as records go, I look at the "hard differential" (wins minus losses) first, then win percentage. So, for example, 5-2 is better than 2-0 but worse than 4-1. Moravsky, thanks in large part to following up an impressive grand slam in the 5th prelim with convincing wins over Matt Wilder and Daniel Gil (that alone should get some kind of award!) in the final, is 9-2 all time. He's assured of being alone on top unless either Travis Rosen (5-1) or James McGrath (4-0) runs the table in the final, which looks highly unlikely. On the female side, Warnky is riding high with an 8-0 mark, with none of the four remaining women even close. Meagan Martin is second all-time at 6-0, the recently-ousted Tiana Webberly third at 7-1, and Kacy Catanzaro and Jesse Labreck tied for fourth at 4-0. And yes, I am looking forward to the time when the stars will finally align and they'll face each other for supremacy. Good gravy, never being able to see Ken Shamrock vs. Tank Abbott was enough of a bummer.

As for the "regular" contest...yeah, it's been like that for a while. The thing is, these sob stories have always existed, and they always went out early for the simple reason that the vast majority of contestants always go out early. No joke, it really is that blankety-blankin' hard. In the early days, G4, being primarily a video game channel, favored the contestants with flash, color and flair (bonus points if they actually looked like they came from a video game). You got to see the Spartans, the wizards, the firebreathers, the costumed heroes (hello, Jamie Rahn!), the goofballs, the totally radical thrashers, etc. But then G4 collapsed into nonexistence and NBC siezed the crown, and the laws of reality TV and non-big money sports took COMPLETE control. Before you'd see an occasional tragedy or inspirational tale; now you hardly see anything but.

Me, I'm resigned to the fact that this is just how the world works these days, and it'll probably only get worse in the future. So I'm just going to put up with it as best as I can. (Hands off my Cityfinals, though!)