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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Buying and maintaining a cell phone would cost several hundred dollars.
Originally Posted by Equipoise View Post
I understand, but it really doesn't have to cost as much as maybe you think it does.

I bought an unlocked Android G4 Play last year at Best Buy for $180something, but you can buy an unlocked Android phone online for much cheaper.

I use MintSim and pay $99.00 every 3 months for unlimited phone and text, and 5gb data, but there are lots of different plans.
Maybe I'm missing something. I said buying and maintaining a smart phone would cost several hundred dollars.

You implied I didn't know the real costs. And then explained how I could buy and maintain a smart phone for $576. How is that different from several hundred dollars?

Originally Posted by gaffa View Post
If your income is really that low, you might qualify for "Lifeline Service" (often called an "ObamaPhone" even though the program started under George W. Bush.)
No, I'm not poor. I could afford a smart phone if I chose to.

But I'm not wealthy either. I don't have enough money to buy everything. If I did I wouldn't be worrying about the cost of movie tickets. I make choices about what I want to spend my money on. And $576 is more than I want to spend on a smart phone, which I wouldn't use all that much.