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Originally Posted by Kamino Neko View Post
The details of how the Sugarmans screwed up Beatrice explain the exact timbre of how Beatrice screwed up BoJack, but it doesn't change the story of the Sugarman/Horseman family. It's about a cycle of neglect and abuse perpetuating itself.
The universal story of a cycle of neglect ended for me with the lobotomy. It's kind of like making Honey the victim of a serial killer. It's no longer within the plausible experience of the vast majority of people.

If the exact details of the things fucking up BoJack (and getting fucked up by BoJack) were going to prevent universality, then I'd say that went out the window with season 1 episode 1, with the whole 'formerly hugely successful, now washed up actor' part.
No, because that's part of the premise—a washed up former star who suffers from the same kind of emotional problems and intimacy problems as anyone else, just dialed up a bit because of his circumstances.