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Finished watching the season after taking it in in small doses, and I have some various thoughts.

* They've always updated the opening credits based on who was hanging around Bojack's house at the time, but I never really thought about it until the last few episodes when there was nobody there but himself.

* This season did the best job of carrying a season-long arc (Hollyhock's search for her mother), but the B-plots about Mr. Peanutbutter's run for governor and Todd's clown-dentists just felt like filler. I would've liked to see PC's arc get more development. I'd much rather have seen a Governor Todd arc follow from the ending of the first episode.

* I so want a drone-throne.

* Can we all agree that Hollyhock's dads are a bunch of jerks? They immediately blame Bojack for her OD without even bothering to hear his side of the story, they didn't spend any of the time she was in Hollywoo worrying about her or acting like she didn't have their permission to be there, tried to cut him off from her and tell him "You'll never talk to her again" even though she'll be a legal adult in a few months and free to talk to anyone she chooses, and even after Bojack told them about her true parentage they tried to hide it from her with their "secret dad language".

* The mouse version of Passover is pretty bizarre and off-putting, especially since regular Passover presumably also exists in this world since Butterscotch is an anti-Semite who refers to screws as "fancy Jew nails".

* The cave-in episode was probably the best stand-alone episode of the season.

* Hollyhock cutting off Bojack's attempted 1999 flashback before it could get to the generic 1999 song was the best stand-alone gag.

* "I can't believe this country hates women more than it loves guns."

* "The blog is called 'Girl Croosh'. 'Stupid Girl' is just a subsection of it."

* "Diane Nguyen, seen here eating a messy sandwich..."

* I loved the Easter egg reference to "Howl" with Butterscotch wanting to go to San Francisco so he could be with "the best minds of my generation".

* Preventing the spread of scarlet fever by burning the patient's possessions; was that a thing in the '60s? It seems so positively 19th century.

* So, did "Ethan Around" ever make it to air?

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