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After much pre-release hype, I saw the original when it came out, awful narration and all, and was kinda disappointed. While the VFX looked great and the production design was some of the best ever, the story was pretty threadbare and less than engaging; some good (now-iconic) lines of dialogue and Harrison Ford getting the shit beaten out of him repeatedly did not compensate enough.

I saw the same version again at a revival house a few years later. I came out of the theater with my opinion unchanged and two of my car’s tires slashed.

I saw one of the alleged “Director’s cuts” on cable some years after that, well into the era of CG. There was no narration (and no tires slashed), and the hints of Deckard being a replicant seemed far more prominent. I was surprised at how well most of the VFX had held up. The story was as deficient as ever.

Some years back, I heard of a screening of “The Director’s Cut” held at the Director’s Guild. Mr. Ridley Scott was not present, but a message he had allegedly composed was read to the audience. It referenced certain bits of “his cut”... and when the film was subsequently shown, those bits were not in it.

I rank Tire Slasher, I mean Blade Runner as both one of the best and worst films of its year.