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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
They're probably right to be annoyed, this is unlikely to be good for the movie industry long term. They're burning massive amounts of investor capital to take a huge loss on buying these tickets for everyone in the hopes they can eventually coerce the movie theaters on giving them good deals on tickets or a kickback from something like concessions. Their goal is to lose a few billion but make the theaters realize they're dependent on moviepass and it's members to get people coming to their theaters so they become a powerful player in the market that can dictate terms to the movie theaters.

If/when it fails, the people who got used to paying $10/mo for movies will probably not be thrilled by going back to paying $12 per movie and will see fewer movies, hurting the long term outlook of the theater industry. And even if it doesn't fail (and it seems quite likely to fail to me), then they've got this outside entity wielding a lot of control over their business.

This is a rare instance of an American corporation looking out for their own long term interests rather than just being happy to cash in on an unsustainable short term boost.
I pointed out earlier in the thread, two chains in the UK, Cineworld and Odeon, have had all you can view programs for years.

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