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Why indict the Russians = Mueller’s laying more groundwork; Timing

Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
That's the important takeaway from these indictments, for sure.

It's Mueller's way of warning Americans that this is not a hoax, this really happened, it continues to happen and our intelligence agencies have the proof of it.

It's an extremely detailed speaking indictment that lays out the true situation for those in this country who care to know: The things we need to watch for; the breadth and depth of the intrusion; the reality of the threat and steps we must take to beat back further interference.

It also brings pressure to bear on Congress to start taking the threats seriously. It shows Devin Nunes for the traitorous chump he is. Congress must choose: Protect Trump, or protect the nation.

It highlights exactly how disinterested Trump himself is in protecting anything but his own miserable hide.

Lastly, it takes some heat off Rosenstein, Wray and the FBI.

All in a good day's work.
All of this makes sense. The thing that struck me was “these indictments mean that Trump can’t fire Mueller.”

With this level of documented evidence and formal accusation of another country acting against the US, Trump taking action against Mueller, the person overseeing that work, could not be looked at as anything other than obstruction and treason given all of Trump’s actions and statements to date. I am not trying to be cute or hyperbolic - I believe I am speaking to extremely likely consequences.

With this additional leverage, Mueller can continue moving in his methodical way. Folks are discussing how slow he is moving - I disagree; I assume he is planning his timing.

In terms of timing: when will Mueller start dropping the bigger bombshells? I would argue that he will target right before or immediately after the midterm elections. Going afterwards makes a lot of sense - see how many seats the Dems take over and how likely it might be that any politically-driven impeachment process might be supported in Congress.

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