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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Service is kind of useless now. Surge pricing is a joke.
Working as intended, I bet.

Keeping surge pricing to two or three bucks means they're losing slightly less money on every ticket. Choking out certain markets altogether means a lot less bleed, and even losing a bunch of customers gives them more time to do whatever voodoo they're trying to do to stabilize their stock and secure more money.

Cancelling a plan locks customers out of resubscribing for a year, but I bet we'll see a new (and much more limited) plan that anybody can sign up for even if they're in that lockout period.

Originally Posted by Sam Lowry View Post
I got the $8 per month plan but had to pay for a year up front, but now I'm glad for that because I don't get the surge pricing add-on.
Yep, and I've got the better part of a year left on mine. If we take as a given that MoviePass is ultimately doomed, I'm good with tactics that let them limp along for as long as possible.

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