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Originally Posted by Eyebrows 0f Doom View Post
Whelp, this might just be it. Moviepass has filed with the SEC that there has been a service interruption due to lack of funds.

Last night around 5:30pm or so, all cards started being declined nationwide, and today the service is still down (with all showing of Mission Impossible 6 greyed out and unable to be purchased even if the check in worked.) E-ticketing theaters still work, but I would now be surprised if they last til Monday. I just bought an E-ticket for MI:6 tonight, it might well be my last Moviepass film.

My first movie was "American Made" and possibly my last might be MI:6! Tom Cruise seems to have bookended my Moviepass life.
My daughter says that it’s still working for her (Orange County, CA). I don’t want them to cancel the service the day after her next membership fee is deducted from her checking account, so I’ve told her to keep an eye on their status and be ready to cancel at a moment’s notice.

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