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Originally Posted by Eyebrows 0f Doom View Post
$15 is still a steal. I want to see just how it will go with the blackouts of certain showtimes and 1,000+ releases being blocked for two weeks, but I can still just watch indie films first and then catch up on the large releases after two weeks (if their stated plan is actually what happens and they don't change it again.)

I just saw my 78th film (not counting repeats) tonight ("The Cakemaker") since getting my card in October of last year.
I think moviepass is a good deal for people like yourself who watch a lot of cinema movies. But while researching it, I saw that 88% of moviepass users only see 2 or fewer films a month. I fall into that group. I just can't be motivated to go to the cinema unless there is something I really want to watch because I have so many streaming options at home.
Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion