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Does anyone here watch Ethan & Hila? (pronounced hee-la; she's Israeli.) They're a married couple whose shticks I don't usually find funny, but other people obviously do because their videos get literally millions of views.

They got my attention because she's about as close to a doppelganger of my sister as anyone could be.

I've also watched quite a few videos by Guildbrook Farms (homesteading family) and Pressure Luck, a gay guy who demonstrates Instant Pot recipes; his husband is not usually in the videos but sometimes he is. And how could I have forgotten about Phyllis Stokes ("My website is" - never mind that it hasn't been updated since 2012; she posts almost every day) and her delightful demeanor which accompanies her simple but tasty recipes and stories about her dogs and her husband, Mr. Bucky? Well, IDK about that tomato aspic being tasty, but anything else? She could cook for me and prepare me a glass of sweet tea any day of the week.