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Originally Posted by txjim View Post
I'll third Townsends and add Techmoan. It's a Youtube channel that reviews and repairs old electronics (aka stuff that was new when I was a youth.) Also contains good reviews of modern gadgets and toys.
If this is your cup 'o tea, you might enjoy Mr. Carlson's Lab, a highly technical poster who likes to restore vintage electronic test equipment and other stuff. He leaves no stone or capacitor unturned, and a simple explanation takes forever, so it might be too slow going for some, but this dude sure knows his shit. Also, he pronounces the "l" in "solder." Is that a UK thing?

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The next level up is VASAviation, which takes the radio exchanges between pilots and ATC and synchronizes it to a radar display so you can visualize what's going on:
A very interesting site. I suspect the audio is speeded up like 30%. Perhaps it shortens the episode, but can people really communicate effectively like that?