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Originally Posted by teela brown View Post
Apologies if this has been linked to before in a different thread, but this seemed like a good place to post this.

It's a 45 minute long assortment of alternate and deleted scenes from Blade Runner, uploaded to youtube in September 2018. These scenes may appear in some of the many different "cuts", but there are many which are brand new to me.


For one thing, there's a scene where Deckard visits an injured man in a hospital bed (the interviewer who Leon blew up? I'm not clear), and the man is reading Treasure Island. Deckard made a reference to Treasure Island in Blade Runner: 2049....
Wow, thanks! Hadn't seen most of that before. Yes, that's Holden in the life-support bed; he was Deckard's successor as a blade runner and the guy whom Leon, the replicant, shot in the opening scene of the movie.

The two alternative endings certainly add a bit more fuel to the fire of the "Was Deckard a replicant?" debate.

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