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Originally Posted by asahi View Post

See, this is what Zionism has become in practice, regardless of however people here or elsewhere want to define it. Zionism has become an ideology of violent oppression of non-Jews to establish a Jewish homeland, and this homeland exists not just anywhere, but in a so-called holy land, which has also been home to two other major religions. Moreover, it's an ideology that depends in no small part of the participation of Jewish activists worldwide, many of whom occupy positions of power, economically, socially, and politically. And it's simply dishonest to believe otherwise.
Boling mine.

I think this is the part that is debatable and that most Jews who would consider themselves Zionist (and I am not sure I do) would take issue with.

So let me ask, if we remove the bolded part, is there anything that is wrong with the rest? If it was instead changed from violent oppression to peaceful and safe coexistence would there be anything wrong with that?

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