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Originally Posted by ChockFullOfHeadyGoodness View Post
It's ELO like Chinese Democracy-era Guns 'n' Roses was GnR. It's Jeff Lynne (who got the rights to the ELO name back from drummer Bev Bevan), keyboardist Richard Tandy and a bunch of replacements. Officially the band is "Jeff Lynne's ELO" to distinguish it from Bevan's ELO Part II/The Orchestra.
All of the above is true. I've been a huge ELO fan since the late '70s, and have followed all of the tribulations over the past few decades.

While Richard Tandy is still officially in the band, I don't think he's performed with them since 2016 or 2017 (I'm guessing that he has some health issues). Bevan retired from ELO Part II around 1999, and sold his share of the rights to the ELO name to Lynne at around that time. Since then, the band that had been going by "ELO Part II" has gone by "The Orchestra," though they bill themselves as featuring former ELO members.

And, ELO's main bassist, Kelly Groucutt, passed away in 2009.

So, at this point, the touring band is Jeff and a collection of (very talented) session musicians. I saw them when they came through Chicago last summer, and it was an outstanding show -- it was also the first time I'd ever had a chance to see ELO live, as I was only a teenager the last time they'd toured, and the nearest tour stop was too far from Green Bay for me to be able to go.

Lynne isn't really a big fan of touring -- he's much happier in a studio, and I suspect that he's very introverted. He only started performing live again a few years ago, and I think that he's been pleasantly surprised that he, and his music, have been so well-received, and I think that it's that revived interest in the band (along with the money, no doubt) which is keeping him touring now. The few ELO recordings that have been released over the past 20 years (two original albums, and one album of re-recordings of older ELO songs) have been 95% Lynne playing and singing, with a few other musicians, like Tandy, appearing on a few tracks.

I have tickets to see them again when they come back to Chicago this summer (and, coincidentally, I also have tickets to see Peter Frampton the following night).

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