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Originally Posted by MrAtoz View Post
...The good news is that they won't have to pay out to him right away. They don't send out the check to a contestant until a few months after that contestant's final episode airs. As long as he's still playing, they don't actually have to pay him! ...
Which gives him quite an incentive to lose....

For people who don't have major savings, being a long-term Jeopardy! champion could mean an incredible drain on their finances---assuming their jobs aren't in the LA area, they'd have to be living on savings during the weeks they're playing. (And have an understanding employer, who'd be willing to give them a long leave of absence, unless the winnings are so huge that they can quit their job.)

I guess technically since tapings take up only two days per week the person could get a temporary job in Los Angeles on the other five days---but I bet few do that.