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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
... I think the young woman today, who was held by a big-name cinematic auteur when she was a baby (Francis Ford Coppola, I think?) would be a multiday champ under normal circumstances. It's too bad, because I thought she was pretty cool. ...
Yes, it was Coppola.

But the phenomenon of a multi-week champion means that among all the contestants mown down by the champ would be some that in other circumstances, would become five-time (+) winners themselves.

You could end up with only ONE champion for an entire season of the show, making it impossible to have a Tournament of Champions.

Originally Posted by MrAtoz View Post
There was no Tournament of Champions in 2018. Which I'm sad about, because if there had been, I might have been in it. I've fallen off the bottom of the ToC Tracker now. For whatever reason, they seem to skip some years. ... we see why they skip some years. (Or one potential reason.) I guess with all the tournaments they do, I hadn't noticed the periodic absence of a TofC.

So this may be another such year. The new All-Stars team-game concept may have been 'it' for a while.

eta: meant to say, sorry about that result for you, MrAtoz.

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