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Originally Posted by Mangosteen View Post
I think the show is in trouble. I believe at some point they are going to have to negotiate his departure with a huge pay out. Jennings was not nearly as dominate on a game by game basis. Holzhauer runs away with every game from the get go. As champion, he chooses first, gets a $500 question right and the game is for all practical purposes over.
Haven't been paying attention recently, huh? There are no $500 questions, and haven't been since the early 1990s. The Jeopardy round answers are valued at $200, $400, $600, $800, and $1,000.

But I disagree that the other contestants have no chance. James has several big advantages, but someone who employs the same strategy of going for the high-value answers early, is quick on the button, and has some luck with clues will eventually beat him. We've already seen someone finish within $18 of him.

After he's gone, they will quickly install new limits on the new contestants.
Why? They didn't after Jennings. People with Ken and James's level of encyclopedic knowledge are rare even among Jeopardy! contestants, and don't come along every day. The rarities who do break through once a decade or so give the show a welcome boost of popularity. I'm sure Merv Griffin Productions is very happy to have Holzhauer win as long as he can.

What I'm sure we'll see in the post-Holzhauer world is his go-big-first strategy become a standard operating mode.

What I'm wondering is why, in 35 years of modern Jeopardy!, did no one ever think to do this before? We've had people hunting for the DDs, and jumping categories to confuse rivals, but how could Holzhauer be the first to discover this method? It's amazing.