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Originally Posted by Gus Gusterson View Post
So all it may take to beat him is someone who is fast enough on the button.
Originally Posted by Lucas Jackson View Post
I pointed this out earlier. And while I agree with you, itís akin to saying all someone needs to do to beat Usain Bolt is be faster to the finish line. Thatís a big ďallĒ.
I am of the opinion that Jeopardy should change their rules to make button timing less of a factor.

It... doesn't seem like an interesting thing for victory to be based on? Like, people watch Usain Bolt race because he's a fast person. Do people watch Jeopardy because the people on it can press a button quickly? I think they do it for the trivia contest.

The simplest way would be that you can ring in at any time before the light turns on, and everyone who does has an equal chance of getting to answer the question first. If no one rings in before the light comes on, then it goes to the first to press the button.