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Saturday we went to a wedding of one of Mrs. L.A.'s former coworkers. Mrs. L.A. didn't know anyone there, except for the bride. And then 'M' showed up.

'M' was the manager where Mrs. L.A. used to work. Last Autumn, she berated Mrs. L.A. -- even though 'M' was completely in the wrong. Mrs. L.A. has PTSD, is a very sensitive person, and was extremely hurt. We went on our planned vacation. (Well, it was a staycation.) Mrs. L.A. decided to quit her job and start her own business. During that time, 'M' was fired. She had lectured a woman in the office about the woman's Spanish accent, saying people couldn't understand her. Actually, she was the only one having trouble. The woman contacted Corporate to ask if 'M' could get some training. Corporate sacked 'M'. Even though 'M' was gone, Mrs. L.A.'s mind was made up. She said that 'M' had destroyed her life.

So 'M' comes to the wedding, and is all friendly. Obviously, she's over whatever mental breakdown led to her berating Mrs. L.A. and other nurses, and berating the Hispanic woman. She doesn't know how badly she'd hurt Mrs. L.A. Last night there were tears. I tried to explain that hatred only gives power to the hated, and it's a waste of energy to spend any time thinking about people who are irrelevant. No good.