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Originally Posted by dogbutler View Post
I shall go to the laundromat.
Ummm, spin class usually involves indoor bikes, not climbing in a washer.

Originally Posted by kopek View Post
Have I ever mentioned to you that there are big chunks of both the Ford and Carter administrations that are a complete mystery to me?
It's okay; Reagan didn't remember much of his administration.

Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
I'm leaving out the white chocolate layer though,

I wored out the pup yestidy with a couple of walks; she passed out on the sofa last night. However, 'car'ma got me back with a 5 hr drive home. The first three hrs was about 15mph average. I can bike faster than that.

Let me get all caught up with what is necessary - ::lobs something dangerous towards flytrap:: There; that's done.