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metal mouse, re: last evening's pepsi comment, you would just have to make the switch to diet pepsi, coffee or tea if you had to watch your glucose.

I hope you feel better soon nava.

nut, so you are writing your paper by hand? However will you read it?

bumba, that's just a bit more than I pay for the Kroger strips ($22 for 100). I may check into that as an option though.

I'm glad that karma bit M in the ass Johnny.

What should have merely heck week has already begun as hell week II. The old bat has called out for the week just in time for her big location count that takes a couple of weeks to do. The other colleague won't be back from her cruise until tomorrow afternoon, so's I'm by myself still. Retirement is beginning to look really good about now.

Nelson and I had some excitement this afternoon. We were out for his afternoon walk and the apartment manager's teenaged daughter was walking their dogs. The big one got off leash and charged us. I immediately picked Nelson up, but he jumped down when the other dog was jumping on me (she's about a fifty pound dog). The big dog got Nelson on the ground before I could get them separated. I wouldn't have been afraid of her on my own and she was in a play stance, but damn! She just can't rush others. The man next door walks with a walker and she would have knocked him over. I'm just glad Nelson wasn't hurt.